Here are some helpful hints when creating your website.

Your website should be a positive representation of your company.  Make sure that your entire company contributes to the content, because it should convey a lot of complex information such as how your company conducts research, solves engineering problems, and deserves to be hired! 



Do not use last names or traceable information as part of the internet security.  You must password protect your website to prevent your content from being visible to the general public.  Please use the password 'HIRED' for your entire website (this password is part of the boardroom requirement).  Passwords are added under 'Page - Settings - Protect Page - Click Activate'.  Select the password 'HIRED' and protect for each page of your website.


Company Information

Be sure to include company logo, mission statement and employees.  Highlight each member and their role (career) within the company. 




Do NOT Plagarize


You want to be creative, but do not use copyrighted images or content.  Use your own images or work available through the Creative Commons license.  If there is a fantastic existing website that strengthens your webpage, provide links to that location and indicate why someone would want to go to that website.


Spellcheck!  Or is it spell check?  Well, whatever it is - check you're spelling!  Did you catch that?  Not only do you need to watch YOUR (not you're) spelling, but also watch your grammar.

Be Creative

A website offers the opportunity for a company to reach to a very large audience.  People don't spend time on boring websites and they don't spend time on websites that aren't relevant to their search.