Teacher Observation Assessment


To Do:

1. Print one Observation Assessment packet for each company


These packets are intended to help guide your observations so that your team of teachers can have something tangible at the end of the day that can be used to assess the students’ learning and participation. These packets are for your school only and will not be collected by the ‘You’re Hired!’ team.


There should be one packet printed per company. If the teachers decide to not stay in one room, and instead to float from room to room all day, then leave the observation sheets on the teacher’s desk face down. That way if the science teacher wanders into the English room to check on the groups and sees something worth recording – they can go up to the desk, write down their comment and then continue observing. These packets are also a great tool for schools that decide to bring in a few substitute teachers to assist so that teachers have the freedom to move from classroom to classroom. The substitutes that have not been part of the planning and discussion are quick to understand from the packet what is needed from them.


These packets can be used during the Boardroom hour to talk to groups during the ‘Teacher Feedback’ portion. They also can be great references to go back to during further activities to note the levels of improvement.