The Boardroom


To Do:

1. Hang up the appropriate number of Boardroom Sign-Up sheets so that students can choose a time they are comfortable with

2. Print one Judge Packet for each professional that will be judging the boardroom presentations


The Boardroom provides your students the opportunity to showcase the hard work they have been working on all day. In some cases, the students may not have worked as hard as they should have. The boardroom members then have the opportunity to ask questions and encourage the students in a way that is very different than if you as a teacher were doing it. The fact that these boardroom members are not teachers, and are professionals of your community makes this day more beneficial for not only the students, but for the school as well. Professionals are interested in what schools are doing, it is possible that someone you ask to sit on the boardroom may turn out to be a partner with your school down the road.