The Power of One Light (pun intended)

An energy conservation group known as Brighter Ways has decided to undertake the large task of converting the homes in your community and county from incandescent to LED lighting. Incandescent lighting may cost less when purchasing the bulb, however the problem with incandescent lighting is you end up paying more in electricity costs. ‘Incandescent lights are inefficient – 90% of the energy goes toward heat and only 10% toward light.’ [1]


Brighter Ways is looking for a company that can determine the cost of converting homes from incandescent to LED lighting within your community and your county. This will require using averages and high/low estimates. Your company will also need to determine other methods of improving energy efficiency (dimmer switches, turning off versus stand-by, etc.).


Brighter Ways is looking for a company that can use your community as an example of how much difference light bulbs and other small changes can make in terms of energy efficiency. If significant, the idea will then be passed along to the mayor and changes will be made across the community and county as soon as possible. 


Your company has been chosen to be one of the finalists in our search for a company that will be able to determine not only how much power is being used to light the average home, but also the cost associated with that usage and the amount difference when the LED lighting is used.


Boardroom Time Limit: 10 Minutes

6 Minutes: Maximum presentation time

4 Minutes: Boardroom questions


Company Information sheets are due at 9:30 AM


Three separate BFF: Better Futures Firm consulting sessions must be completed.  This sheet (included in your packet – Vouchers for Consulting) will be turned into the boardroom.


Webpages will be created on (or other free site that allows password protection, such as Weebly). Make sure your website is password protected with ‘HIRED’ as the password. You need to include the URL and password on the Vouchers for Consulting sheet. Tips and hints can be found on the WIX website.

End-of day wrap-up includes (room locations will be posted):

  • Boardroom presentation

  • Teacher observation and feedback session

  • Peer assessment

  • Clean-up




Videos can also be found on NDSCSstem YouTube channel

Night light circuit assembly

Step-by-step instructions to complete the lab

Simple circuit to light an LED - great starting point!