Stop the Epidemic!

A public health group known as Cleaner Ways is working to minimize the impact of flu season on our schools. Up to one out of five Americans will get the flu each year. [1].


Cleaner Ways is looking for a company that can help us reduce or minimize the impact of flu season on schools. Your company would be expected to explain how the flu can become an epidemic and then show by data the rate at which germs can potentially transfer within a school.  Your company must also participate in recommending preventative measures to minimize the impact of flu season.  The preventative measures must include a proven hand-washing campaign (based on your experimental results) that can be used throughout your school. Hand washing fun fact – “In one study, only 58% of female and 48% of male middle and high school students washed their hands after using the bathroom. Of these, only 33% of the females and 8% of the males used soap” [2]. Other measures could include: a school cleaning protocol (where are the germ ‘hot spots’), vaccination recommendation (cost of shot versus benefit cost), and any other creative ideas to avoid a flu outbreak. 


Your company has been chosen to be one of the finalists in our search.  The boardroom will be looking for a company that meets the objectives listed above, so make sure that your presentation and your company webpage are ready on time.


Boardroom Time Limit: 10 Minutes

  • 6 Minutes: Maximum presentation time

  • 4 Minutes: Boardroom questions


Company Information sheets are due at 9:30 AM


Three separate BFF: Better Futures Firm consulting sessions must be completed.  This sheet (included in your packet – Vouchers for Consulting) will be turned into the boardroom.


Webpages will be created on  Your company needs to register on the WIX site and make sure your website is password protected. You need to include the URL and password on the Vouchers for Consulting sheet. Tips and hints can be found on the WIX website.

End-of day wrap-up includes (room locations will be posted):

  • Boardroom presentation

  • Teacher observation and feedback session

  • Peer assessment

  • Clean-up



[1]   Impact of the Flu.

[2]   Guinan ME, McGuckin-Guinan M, Sevareid A. Who washes hands after using the bathroom? American Journal of Infection Control. 1997;24(5):424-425.